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Acoustic Baritone
No 8.  The baritoneproject was started to make something different. It has a Jumbo-shaped body and a 28 inch scale. Baritone guitars and their specifications are quite divers. There are no plans to buy, and the internet does provide little information. I started to encourage others to mail me for the the specs I used on this one. Quite a lot did mail me. So from now on everyone can download it from this page. Please E-mail when in doubt about the specs. I will help you if I can.

Other places where you can find some info about baritone guitars:
David Berkowitz Guitars
Acoustic Guitar Magazine
Santa Cruz Guitars
-Article in Guitarmaking
-Article june 2003
-About their Baritones

You are free to look at the specifications I used:  (Dimensions in Metric sizes)

-Bracingpattern (jpg)
-Specifications (pdf)

Fingerboard & Headplate

-Solid German Spruce
-Solid Mexican Cocobolo (use epoxy to glue!)
-Honduran Mahogany
-Madagascar Rosewood
-Madagascar Rosewood
-Cocobolo details